Our Primary Overview

Primary curriculum

In the Primary school we follow the expectations and learning set out in the English curriculum, taking account of the cultural uniqueness and the geographical position of Kuwait. Our approach is cross curriculum and underpinned by story/picture books which link the learning together. We also believe in an enriched curriculum with specialist teachers in Arabic, Islamic, Computer Science, Music, Physical Education, Art and French (in KS2). These subjects are also linked in theme wherever it is possible and relevant.

Within our curriculum both skills and knowledge are given equal status as we believe that it is this balance which will give our children the tools needed to successful in whatever future endeavours they wish to pursue. We also keep up with the latest research, both in the UK and worldwide, to modify our curriculum and teaching methods so that we can provide the very best in curriculum development and teaching pedagogy. This is seen in our development of mastery within our Maths curriculum and a focus on the cognitive load theory to maximise the learning of our students.   

Mr Edmund Nonis

(Head of Primary and Early Years)