Meet our Primary and Early Years  Staff




I am an experienced teacher who has been teaching in Kuwait for 25 years. This is my 15th year, teaching at Cambridge. I usually coordinate most school events, such as concerts and school trips. I have been an Assistant Head for almost 9 years. Currently I am part of the Year 1 team. During my free time, I enjoy, cooking, shopping, travelling and spending time with my family and friends




I have previously taught in the UK and Qatar. This is currently my second year in Kuwait and at Cambridge. I enjoy working with all ages within Primary and I am particularly enjoying working with the children I am currently teaching. 

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling around the world and reading books.




I graduated from Kuwait University two years ago and have been teaching at Cambridge since, while also continuing my professional development through various courses online. I am a firm believer in changing the world through Education and currently I am part of the Year 6 team.  

During my spare time I love to read, go out with my friends and also meditate!




I have been teaching in Kuwait for over 5 years, having previously taught in the UK. I am a History specialist and have taught secondary school pupils in the past. It is my second year at Cambridge and I am really proud of the progress my Year 6 class are making during this difficult time. 

Outside of work, I like to cook, work out and spend time with my family. 




To date, I have 12 years' worth of teaching experience and expertise; in England and in Kuwait.

I believe it is vital for teachers to adapt and practise effective methods of teaching and create environments where children can interact with each other, learn skills effectively, and build upon their knowledge and understanding of the world.

I have also travelled all over the world and the experiences that I have gained from my travels has enabled me to share universal values and enrich my teaching practice. 

An interesting fact about me is that I have a mixed ancestry. My grandparents and great grandparents were from Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, South Africa, India, and ancient Persia. Most of the elder members in my family can speak four or more languages and I can speak three and I'm learning my fourth! 




 I was born in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa on a crisp, yet colorful Autumn day. I fell in love with teaching while working with underprivileged children and it is my heart's desire to become involved with caring for orphans in the future. Most, if not all the people who know me, will describe me as friendly and bubbly, however, it is a best kept secret that I am a shy individual.




I taught for many years in my native South Africa before moving to Kuwait. Kuwait has become my home since and I enjoy working with young pupils and seeing them progress. This is my 9th year teaching at Cambridge and currently I am part of the Year 2 team. In my spare time, I like to read, cook and love keeping up with trends in interior decorating.




I am an experienced teacher. I have taught in Syria for 6 years. I have taught in Kuwait Public Primary Schools for 18 years and was rewarded the distinguished teacher prize by the Minister of Education in Kuwait. I then joined Cambridge and this is my 8th year. Currently I am part of the Year 1 team. When I have free time, I love reading and I like to walk and spend time with my family.




I am from Wales, UK and have many years teaching experience both in the UK and also in Kuwait. I have worked in Early Years as well as Primary and have held several leadership positions. I have a passion for making links with schools across the world and promoting global citizenship. My aim as a teacher is to give pupils the best learning experience through engaging and motivating teaching. 

During my spare time, I like to read and spend time with my friends. 




Music learning offers children so many benefits as it integrates different subjects. I have been introducing children to these benefits for more than a decade. It is a great pleasure for me to be able to do this with children from various countries of the world. 




I am from the UK and have been teaching since 1997. Initially I taught in the UK as an English teacher for secondary pupils before moving into  Primary education. Since becoming an International teacher, I have worked in the UAE and Kuwait. This is my 7th year in Kuwait and currently I am teaching Year 3. 

In my spare time, I like to keeping updated with the all the news from around the world and reading about current affairs.




I am from the UK with my many years of experience working in schools. Ever since graduating from Leeds University,  I have pursued my passion of working with young people. I am a Science specialist and have taught both Primary and Secondary aged pupils. Currently I am enjoying my role as Year 4 class teacher.

In my spare time, I socialise with friends, solve puzzles and cook!




BA(hons), NPQH, PGCE

Head of Early Years and Primary

I am extremely proud and privileged to be the primary head teacher and the acting head of EYFS of Cambridge English School.  

I have been in education for nearly 20 years with most of those years spent in senior management in England. I have also been in international leadership for over 5 years with CES being my second international headship. 

I am passionate about providing the students in primary and early years with the skills and knowledge to enable them to confidently overcome any future challenges. I believe that this is achieved through an enriched balanced curriculum which is modern in its approaches and personalised for the needs of our unique and very special students. I know through this approach students will leave the primary school in a very favourable position to be successful in any future endeavours they wish to pursue.           







Deputy Head of Primary

I am extremely proud to be the Deputy Headteacher at Cambridge English School . After qualifying as a Primary teacher in the UK and working in the classroom for many years, I moved into Leadership. I have had previous roles as a Year Group Leader and Assistant Headteacher before becoming the Deputy Headteacher here at CES. My passion is to work with fellow professionals to provide the best education for our next generation and I believe that every young person that attends CES can achieve their goals and dreams with hard work and a little bit of help from us along the way!

My hobbies include watching and playing football and spending time with my family.  




I am an experienced teacher and have been teaching for 17 years. This is my 2nd year at Cambridge teaching Year 2. I enjoy seeing them grow up and become confident speakers of the English language. I love horses and in my spare time I like to go horseback riding either in Kuwait and especially when I am traveling . To me the most valuable time is when I’m with my family and friends.




I am an experienced teacher and have been teaching in Kuwait for over 20 years. I love working with young children and pride myself on using modern teaching methods to equip them for the outside world. This is my 15th year teaching at Cambridge and I have enjoyed every single moment. Currently I am teaching Year 2. In my spare time I enjoy reading, drawing and travelling with my family.




I am a British teacher with experience of teaching Early Years and across Primary. I have also held various leadership positions whist working in both departments. Currently I am the Assistant Headteacher for Year 3 & 4. It is now my 6th year in Kuwait and I enjoy the traditions and the culture of this beautiful country. In my free time, I enjoy reading about current educational practises and solving puzzles. 




I am happy to say that I have been a member of Cambridge English School family for almost a decade now, which sums up almost all my stay in Kuwait. I have grown as a teacher and I am grateful for all the support from my colleagues and supervisors that I have been receiving throughout the years.  I previously taught English to grades 5-8 in my home country, while at CES I taught Year 2 the longest, then Y3, Y4 and Y5. I must say I find myself pretty comfortable in each year group since teaching primary children is what suits my personality.

I love teaching reading and grammar as it has a direct influence on the children's improvement of speaking skills.

In my time off from school, besides spending time with my family, I enjoy doing yoga, cooking, reading, cycling, doing embroidery.




I have taught at Cambridge English School since 2013 and have been the team leader for the KG team for a number of years. I grew up in Ontario, Canada, and attended school and university there. I have always enjoyed working with young children and over the years I have developed a passion to work collaboratively with young children to support them in growing emotionally, intellectually, and socially within a safe environment. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, traveling to other countries, shopping and spending time with my family and friends.




I have been an Early Years teacher for over 13 years, 11 year of those years at CES. One of my proudest professional moments was going through an official observation and being judged as an outstanding teacher. As an experienced teacher I always make sure that each student gets as much individual attention as possible and I am committed to raising standards and maximising pupils progress. My passion is for every student to reach their full potential and be fully prepared to excel in the primary curriculum.